Webhooks Overview

Webhooks allow you to send an HTTP POST to the URL(s) of your choosing anytime certain events occur in your mailfloss account. All of our webhook events contain payloads serialized as JSON.

Webhooks can be managed inside the mailfloss app. On the webhooks page, you'll be able to create, edit, and remove webhooks.

Each webhook requires a name, at least one trigger event to subscribe to, a URL to POST to, and a data source.

Webhooks are available to our Business and Pro subscribers, and available as an add-on to our Lite subscribers. Webhooks are not available to non-subscribers.


Webhooks are not guaranteed to be published. They are sent on a best effort basis. You should not rely on the order in which webhook messages are published. Some payloads may come quickly and in bursts due to the nature of email verification. Ensure your webhook URL can handle the load.

Updated 18 Sep 2020
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